My name is Ben Windsor and I’m a Strat working at an investment bank in London.

Interests and Skills

I have strong interests in:

  • Quantitative finance
  • Good development practices
  • Mathematics (pure and applied)

I have worked both as an engineer and as a strat. In the engineering division I gained a strong Java grounding, deploying live trading systems to production and working with both the front end and back end of these projects. As a Strat I am now learning about the funding business as well as working on more quantitative projects.

Academic Background and Research Experience

I completed a Master’s of Mathematics (MMath) at the University of Warwick, graduating in the summer of 2018. My dissertation was focused on Group Homology, studying under Prof. Marco Schlichting. You can read my dissertation if curious: Spectral Sequences and the Homology of Affine Groups (PDF warning!). The culmination of this dissertation is a new proof of an important result from a paper by Prof. Schlichting. This result is crucial in Schlichting’s determining of the Homology Stability of \(SL_q(A)\), for a ring \(A\).

I also worked on two funded summer research projects in my time at Warwick, funded by Warwick’s Undergraduate Research Support Scheme:

  • The first was with Prof. Bjorn Stinner, where we applied isogemetric analysis to more efficiently simulate cell motility. In particular, this involved using Matlab to implement the isogeonetric analysis simulation, running on some diffusion PDEs coupled with a moving surface which represented the cell membrane.
  • The second was with Prof. Miles Reid, where we explored an orbifold version of the Riemann-Roch equation from algebraic geometry.

Contact me

LinkedIn: Ben Windsor