Getting Started With Emacs Lisp Hands On - A Practical Beginners Tutorial

What is Emacs Lisp

Emacs Lisp is the programming language that forms the foundation of the Emacs text editor. It also allows users to interact, customise and extend emacs functionality. I will assume you already know what Emacs is and would like to experiment with Emacs Lisp. I will also assume you know basic programming concepts like variables, functions and parameters. This will be an example based tutorial, centered around showing rather than telling you’ll see enough to get you started with Emacs Lisp and to interact with Emacs through code.

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How To Setup Git Pages With Latex Rendering

Embedding LaTeX into your blog is a must-have feature for anyone who wants to blog about mathematics topics. Having just set this up I wanted to document it for easy use for anyone setting up a Git Pages blog using Jekyll. Main credit for the below code goes to Varun Agrawal, the below transplants this setup into the basic git jekyll-now setup, upgrades katex version and fixes a bug where jQuery wasn’t included.

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